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Recently Margaret Buckley prepared a QDRO for me. I don’t think I could have asked for anything more from her - she told me the specific documents I needed to bring but I wasn’t sure what was what, so I brought her a giant mess of a file. She patiently went through it with me removing what she needed, translated a lot of technical language into layman’s terms without talking down to me, and went about the business of preparing all of the paperwork. She was able to tell me upfront how long it would take her to do the work and even finished earlier than her initial projection. Once she had finished preparing everything for me, the QDRO was signed by the judge, approved by the account administrator and executed by bank with no hiccups. She had written the QDRO perfectly. What seemed like an overwhelming ordeal at first was reduced to a straightforward, step by step process thanks to Ms. Buckley. The technical acumen was great, but her calm, reassuring, patient demeanor was what compelled me to write an endorsement here. While Ms. Buckley is the only contact I’ve had with BVS Legal Document Assistance, because of her, they will be the first organization I will seek out when the need arises!

-Matthew C.

I had no idea how to fill out the forms for my divorce, BVS sure took a lot of worry off my shoulders and filled out the forms for me. All I had to do was sign and have them file the paperwork at the court for me. BVS really did make it a lot easier than I thought it would be. We filed a default notice and I never even had to go to court, my divorce was final! Thank you, Margaret!

-Chuck N., Vallejo, CA

We had to resubmit my divorce papers again; this time we had Ms. Buckley assist us with filling out the forms and serving all parties concerned. Finally got our paperwork right thanks to Margaret! Did I mention the court granted my divorce? Thank you BVS!

-Robert R., American Canyon, CA

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